Safety Shoes That Look Like Dress Shoes

Introducing our latest Women's Boot!

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Style, Safety, Comfort

High quality dress safety shoes that meet your company's safety requirements!

ASTM F 2413-11 Certified

Impact and Compression Resistant

All of our shoes are certified against ASTM standards

Slip Resistant

Our Executive Sport model is second to none in slip resistance


Genuine leather shoes and insoles to allow for optimum breathability

Odor Absorbent

Unlike Leather, man-made materials can make feet sweat and create body odor


These shoes are more comfortable than any other high end dress shoe I own. My feet no longer hurt at the end of the day, walking across my 70k sqft concrete floor facility all day. I wear these out daily now, purchasing a few pairs for all around use.

Robert G.

...I began to realize the options for an executive safety shoe were extremely limited. My day changed when I came across Oxford Steels and saw the wing tips in honey that I was searching for! The quality and price were outstanding! Not only do I have the privilege to lead the organization, thanks to Oxford Steels I can now lead in style while meeting the new safety requirements!...


...These shoes are very comfortable, I stand for work all day and these make it bearable. I have received compliments on them each day since I received them. My superiors questioned that I was in compliance since they could not tell that they were truly steel toes....

Kirk S.

...Production management in manufacturing means 90 percent of my day is spent on the floor. With the limited availability of steel toe dress shoes I had just delt with a bulky rounded toe dress shoe for years. These shoes are spot on in terms of style and comfortability.

Curtis J.

Steel Toe Dress Shoes for Men and Women

Standard steel toe boots are great for the shop floor, but you’d never want to wear them to important meetings with clients. And the non-slip shoes you’ve been wearing in the kitchen may be comfortable, but they don’t help you present the image you want to convey. 

So what’s a hard-working professional to do? You could carry multiple pairs of shoes with you and have to change them throughout the day. But we believe there’s a better option. When your job calls for protective footwear, but you also want to always look your best, Oxford Steels has the answer.

Our high-quality steel toe dress shoes meet your company’s safety requirements, but they don’t look like steel toe work boots. They’re ASTM F2413-11 certified, which means you’re protected against impact, compression, and other workplace hazards. Plus, our Executive Sport Oxford is top of the line for slip-resistant shoes. 

But just as important, these shoes are designed to be comfortable, no matter where your work may take you. The breathable genuine leather allows for optimum breathability, so you’ll stay cool all day. And since your feet can breathe in our shoes, they won’t get nearly as sweaty or stinky either.

Spending all day on your feet, working hard can be a painful experience. You need shoes that are going to protect your feet from injury or accidents, sure. But you also need the support and comfort of hand made footwear. We consistently hear from satisfied customers that these are some of the most comfortable shoes on the market, even after a full shift spent standing and walking on hard concrete floors.

Now you don’t have to choose between safety and style. But don’t just take our word for it. Try a pair of our steel toe dress shoes for men or women’s steel toe boots. Like many others before you, you’ll never want to buy another brand.


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