About Us

 Paul Anderson     Nick Comiskey     Jacob Vandesande


Our Story:

Three friends who met while attending the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, founded Oxford Steels.  With our Mechanical Engineering Degrees in hand, we were all driven to pursue jobs in the Manufacturing industry.  Manufacturing is a tough world, where real hands-on problems from the production floor clash with business meetings and customer conferences.  A good-looking pair of dress pants and shirt is not too hard to find.  However, a good-looking pair of dress shoes that meet the strict safety guidelines of a shop floor is.

In January of 2017, Paul moved to central Mexico for work. During his time in Mexico, he discovered a company making oxford style dress safety shoes that adhered to the safety standards required on manufacturing floors. Noticing the opportunity, and a few emails and phones calls later Paul had arranged a dinner with the owner of the shoe manufacturer Proxon.  After some negotiations, it was agreed that we would bring these sophisticated yet practical shoes to the US. 

Paul’s vision of safety and style was brought to the U.S. where friends Jacob and Nick joined the team.  Jacob holds a regional role where travel is constant.  He loved the idea of dress shoes that he could wear on a plane and step off into a manufacturing plant without hassle.  Nick holds a management position and can easily move from meetings with executives to trouble-shooting production lines.  In 2017, with the combined vision of the three, Oxford Steels was born and is ready to distribute handcrafted versatile dress safety shoes to hard-working Americans.  It is our goal to provide the highest quality safety shoes to the American market and look good doing it! 

Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions or would like to Pre-Order!