3 Common Work Place Accidents

3 Common Work Place Accidents

Ouch! That's one word that a work place supervisor never wants to hear on the job. When working in hazardous environments, employees and staff can be subject to dangers if working with large machinery, moving objects, and heights. Oxford Steels steel toe shoes can help prevent injuries for a multitude of common work places accidents. Let's take a look at 3 common work place accidents that Oxford Steels can protect your feet from.


Moving Vehicles

Construction and loading sites can have moving vehicles throughout the area. Tractors, dump trucks, and pallet moving vehicles can be anywhere, any time. It's important to keep a look out. On occasion, staff may miss a vehicle turning a corner. Steel toe shoes can prevent your toes from being crushed by large moving vehicles.


Tripping On Uneven Surfaces

It's easy to trip on a work site, especially in an area with construction. Wearing a pair of loafers into an environment with poked up corners, rough edges, and sharp objects could leave your feet in danger. No thanks! It's best to wear steel toe shoes like Oxford Steels to protect your feet at all times.


Manual Handling

Boxes. Pallets. Equipment. There is a lot to manually handle in a work place environment. Even if you're carrying an object or, worse, handling it yourself, you can be prone for an accident. Dropping a big box on your foot is not ideal! Why take the risk of crushing your foot while manually handling an objects? Wearing Oxford Steels can help you out when carrying heavy weighted loads.

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