Do Steel Toe Shoes Have Non-Slip Soles?

Do Steel Toe Shoes Have Non-Slip Soles?

Slip resistant shoes are engineered not to slip in wet and slippery work environments. They provide a better grip for people that wear them in wet work places. Non-slip soles can be designed and implemented onto steel toe safety shoes. Many safety shoes with a slip resistant sole help their wearers comply with safety regulations in hazardous environments.

These carefully engineered shoes provide their wearers peace of mind. Still, you may be asking: how can I identify a slip resistant shoe? What makes them slip resistant? Does Oxford Steels have safety shoes with slip resistant soles? Let's break it down.

What Is a Slip Resistant Shoe?

What exactly makes a slip resistant shoe? The shoe is fitted with a sticky, patterned sole that helps grip the floor. Standard safety shoes may have a normal, flat sole with no patterns. The patterns help a wearer stick firmly to the ground when water is present. This can help improve safety for a slip resistant shoe wearer.

What Are They Made Out Of?

Slip resistant shoes are made with a patterned rubber sole and another important component: thermoplastic polyurethane. TPU is a urethane formula with a rubber compound added to it. This helps the slip resistant sole stick regardless if the environment is hot or cold.

Can I Tell if My Shoes Are Slip Resistant?

Normal work safety shoes definitely look different than the standard slip resistant shoe. The non-slip sole is much more prominent than the sole of a shoe prone to slipping. Take for example our two lookalike pairs that have different purposes. The Pilot is an Oxford style safety shoe with a normal sole.

Pilot Safety Shoe

Its slip resistant alternative, the Volta, has a prominent rubber sole at the bottom. Compare the Pilot above with the Volta below and see the difference for yourself.

Which Oxford Steels Shoes Are Slip Resistant?

Great question! Oxford Steels has an array of non-slip work safety shoes for our customers. Providing Oxford Steels wearers with full safety protection is our top priority. Plus, our slip resistant shoes are safety certified and tested. Take a look at available models for our hard working wearers.

Grand Slip Resistant Safety Shoe

Volta Slip Resistant Safety Shoe

Becks Slip Resistant Safety Boots

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