Wallets? Belts? Yes, Please!

Wallets? Belts? Yes, Please!

At Oxford Steels, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with genuine leather shoes. Our men's and women's shoe collections are a perfect way to look like a CEO without compromising on safety. Still, we are always working towards providing you with more ways to look stylish in your workplace. That's why we're excited to offer our new Superior Leather Wallets and Belts!




Why wallets and belts? Think about it this way. Anyone, including you, at your workplace has these items. A person can simply go to Target and pickup a lackluster $15.00 fake leather belt off a rack. Your nephew may have an, albeit highly impressive, Hot Wheels wallet. Belts keep your pants up. Wallets hold credit and medical insurance cards (and maybe a cute picture of your kids). Even though they accomplish the most simple of tasks, what does the style of what you're wearing portray about your character?

What you wear to the office can often relay the role that you are trying to impress on coworkers and clients. Wearing an 'anyone' outfit can leave you in the midst or, even worse, forgettable. Synching your outfit with high quality matching shoes, wallets, and belts can leave an impression on your boss or sales prospects. Creating an outstanding outfit allows you to standout compared to your peers.Is it worth investing in yourself in order to benefit in the long run? We definitely think so.

When you wear anything Oxford Steels, you are portraying confidence and an executive character. Oxford Steels Superior Leather Wallets and Belts compliment the tone set by our genuine leather safety shoes. Match your shoes with our accessories in brown, black, and amber. Oxford Steels design team collaborated with Proxon to help make the perfect designer belt for your steel toe dress shoes.

Checkout our full store and see how Oxford Steels can help you shine in your workplace.

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